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                      Smart Connected automotive electronics industry feast open
                      Fweek Electronic Engineering News: Car Smart Connected including automotive electronics, networking and automotive automation and ease of driving three blocks. Where the automotive electronics and automotive intelligent vehicle networking foundation. With the rapid development of the Internet's Smart car, auto parts and electronic components business are expected to share the feast Smart car.
                      Distribution companies
                      Galaxy Securities analyst, said, overall, the current automotive electronics are divided into two categories: automotive electronic control unit of a class is a combination of mechanical systems, including the engine, chassis, body electronic control system, generally dominated by the depot; another car electronic information systems are devices used independently in the automotive environment, including automotive information systems, navigation, entertainment, automotive and communications systems. From the specific application area, the current automotive electronic products are mainly concentrated in the digital dashboard can be achieved in three areas of mobile Internet and infotainment center console and auxiliary car driving autopilot system.
                      A-share listed companies in many Internet industry chain, which Smart car. The touch screen, for example, in the past part of the car's trip computer mostly composed of various types of touch-tone instrument, part of a 7-9-inch display and resistive touch screen. Tesla by 17 inches large touch screen to achieve vehicle communication, entertainment, navigation and other functions integrated operations, other depots are also underway. Long letter Technology, Ophelia light and other car company has a touch screen technologies, along with intelligent vehicle propulsion, these companies are expected to get orders.
                      In a long letter technology, for example, the company's main business is the development of ITO conductive glass window panels and mobile materials, production and sales. Interactive platform for the company recently told investors, the company focused on research and development to determine the car touch screen, has developed several products, and with a number of car manufacturers making all kinds of tests, including destructive experiments, extreme environmental testing. Once the industry is expected to achieve a breakthrough in the field of technology is expected to become a new growth point of business.
                      In automotive electronics, LDS antenna using laser laser technology, based directly on the formation of metal-plated antenna bracket, better multi-band multi-mode under high-speed secure communications. Letter-dimensional communication medium size local companies have leading mobile phone and other devices using LDS manufacturing capacity, in cooperation with the auto companies are expected to make progress.
                      Intelligent car camera car Smart + Connected essential "weapon." Currently China car camera carrying rate is relatively low, the future needs to be done to monitor all kinds of vehicles through the camera scene, including car distance, speed, location, identification and other accidents, tachograph equipped rate will also increase. Hikvision, Goertek other companies have development potential related business.
                      Into the international supply chain
                      Overall, China's automotive electronics-related technical level is still low. Many domestic auto parts enterprises to gain by extension, joint ventures, technology transfer, etc. overseas, under a joint brand Forced continuous improvement capabilities, a growing number of enterprises to enter the supply chain joint venture brands, more and more high-grade products.
                      A typical representative to the international high-end car brands in China's automotive electronics companies have shares and Wei Jing Sheng Electronics are both companies through mergers and acquisitions completed product upgrades. Jing Wei shares which entered the market through the acquisition of automobile air conditioning controller Fulda. BOCI Securities is expected that the market is big, Fulda in the new energy automobile air conditioning controller technology strength, has partnered with Audi and many other car companies, automobile air conditioning controller and its enormous potential for business development.
                      Both Sheng Electronics is a manufacturer of automotive electronics supplier for BMW, the company's Purell company produced iDrive controller in the center console to achieve infotainment features intuitive operation of the central control system. Based on the control unit, iDrive controller can be used in a variety of models in the BMW Group brands.
                      Industry analysts told reporters, A-share listed companies in promising areas of automotive electronics, especially now that some of the new direction the industry is worthy of attention, such as super-capacitors, panoramic windows and so on. The company has the relevant technical reserves or intend to enter the industry through mergers and acquisitions and investment companies are worthy of attention.