Talent Concept
                      Talent is the basis for achieving corporate strategic objectives, is the driving force for sustainable development. Companies with scientific personnel training methods, an effective incentive mechanism to level the playing field, a broad development space recruit good talent, greater efforts in terms of human resources, "selecting, training, use, leaving", and constantly optimize the quality of personnel structure . Let every employee in the QinhuangdaoHuanxing Automobile Electronics fully reflect the collective self-worth, the maximum fit individual career planning and business development goals, employees and businesses grow. The company respected "innovation, and beyond; integrity, responsibility, cooperative spirit; happy, healthy life" corporate values, and as a guiding principle of our HR work, we believe that "their job well done is the company's employees Fortune ", the company focus on employee integrity, honesty and the courage to take responsibility for the professional ethics, to promote communication, cooperation and dedication, help each other. Companies with a scientific and standardized management to provide a good working environment and development platform for employees, employees and strive to achieve common development and progress of enterprises.